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Brian Miller’s Guitar & Bouzouki Accompaniment Help Page

Please email Brian with any comments/questions. You can also take lessons from Brian in St. Paul, MN or online via the Center for Irish Music.

Chord Charts:


D Major Chord Shapes for Beginners

D Major Chord Shapes
A Major Chord Shapes
E Minor Chord Shapes
B Minor Chord Shapes
A Mix/Major Chord Scale

D Major Grouped According to Function
G Major Grouped According to Function
A Minor Grouped According to Function

D Major Chord Scale
G Major Chord Scale
E Minor Chord Scale
A Minor Chord Scale
B Minor Chord Scale
C Major Chord Scale
D Minor Chord Scale

Bouzouki GDAD

D Major/Mix GDAD Bouzouki Chords
G Major GDAD Bouzouki Chords
A Minor GDAD Bouzouki Chords
E Minor GDAD Bouzouki Chords

Bouzouki ADAD

D Major Chord Groups
E Minor Chord Groups
A Major Chord Groups
B Minor Chord Groups
G Major Chord Groups


Jig Strum Patterns

mp3s to practice with
(played on flute, tenor banjo or whistle by Brian)
To download a track, right click and save as…


Green Mountain (reel in D)
James McMahon’s (jig in D)
Cooley’s (reel in emin)
The Killavil SLOW (jig in emin)
The Killavil FAST (jig in emin)
Templehouse (reel in emin)
Paddy Healy’s (reel in amin)
Scatter the Mud (jig in amin)

Boys of Bluehill
The Boy in the Boat VERY SLOW
The Boy in the Boat SLOW
The Boy in the Boat at speed
Master McDermott’s
Tobin’s SLOW
Pipe on the Hob
Garret Barry’s

The Green Fields of America
Ward’s / Green Fields of America
The Keel Row SLOW
The Keel Row at speed
Come West Along the Road
Rights of Man
The Sligo Maid
Tuamgraeney Castle
Buttermilk Mary
The Cook in the Kitchen
Jerry’s Beaver Hat / Will You Come Home With Me? / Young Tom Ennis
The Fairy Queen / Dunphy’s
Thrush in the Straw / Burnt Old Man
Roving Bachelor / Jack Maguire’s / Ger Quigley’s


The Parting Glass
The Road to Ballynure (capo 7th fret)