30 Nov

Brand New Site!

Hi everyone,

It’s still a work in progress but…. welcome to the new version of evergreentrad.com! Aside from the page of resources for my music students, this site is entirely devoted to my work with the music of early lumberjacks in the Midwest (a largely unexplored tradition with many links to Irish traditional music).

The performance side of the project has grown into a duo with the amazing Randy Gosa of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Randy and I are working on some exciting new material and bringing our show around the Midwest with tours scattered throughout 2012.  Here you can keep up to date with our gig schedule and see photos of our adventures.

I intend to use the front page to post news about the project as Randy and I work toward a sequel to the CD “Minnesota Lumberjack Songs” and as my research in to the lives of musical Irish lumberjacks continues!