09 Feb

Two Recent Radio Interviews

We thought we would share two of our favorite radio interviews we did in the past few months.

The first aired back in November 2013 on WMUK in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  We performed in that area in October and had the chance to come in and talk to Cara Lieurance of the wonderful WMUK show The Pure Drop about Irish influence in the music of Great Lakes region folk singers.  We also played three songs ourselves: “The Jails of Buffalo,” “The Banks of the Little Eau Pleine” and “How We Got Up to the Woods Last Year.”

Click to hear the interview and live studio performance on WMUK 

The second is an interview Brian did on his own this past week with Todd Moe of North Country Public Radio in northern New York. Todd and Brian talked about Brian’s research into the life and music of Michael Cassius Dean and Todd even played a couple clips from the (digitized versions of) wax cylinders made of Dean’s singing in 1924. Not every day that wax cylinders make it on to the radio!

Click to hear Brian Miller’s interview on NCPR (including clips from the lost and found field recordings of Michael Cassius Dean).